Rebecca Jesty Qualified Counsellor (BACP Accredited)

(Woodley, Reading, Berkshire) General practitioner with aditional training in Counselling for Depression and Bereavement.

In person / on line / telephone offered


Counsellor - specialising in NHS approved Counselling for Depression


Speaking with a counsellor is unlike talking with a friend or famiy member. The focus is on you and your mental, emotional and relational health. 

I have collated a list of common things clients often tell me about their experience of counselling. I hope this  may help you decide if counselling is for you:

  • It felt good to have time in the week for me.

  • Work was really bothering me, I couldn't concentrate with all the stress but I know what to do now.

  • You helped me look at some painful things I was really avoiding.

  • I feel like myself again.

  • Not worrying about how I was coming across helped me open up.

  • off loading has helped me through the tricky times.

  • My understanding of why I do things has helped.

  • Haivng space here has helped me see my problems more clearly.

  • You have given me some skills and tips to equip me to commnicate better.

  • I have more confidence now.

  • I was initially skeptical but I am so glad I stuck with it.

  • I have some tools now and am coping better at work.

  • My ability to make decisions has come back.

  • Managing my stress is much easier now.

  • I am more able to say what I want now and value myself more

  • Letting things go has been helpful

  • I feel lighter.

  • There is more to do but I can handle that myself now.

Looking Out to the Lake


  • We are very thankful for the time you spent with us and you really understood what we were going through. (2019)                                 ​

  • I feel so much better than when I started. (2021)                                   

  • I am now more able to look at stressful situations from a distance which helps me with overcoming negative feelings during these moments and solving the problems with less effort. (2019)                                                                              

  • At first I was sceptical but it was amazing how much better I felt. (2018)                                                 

  • I have never felt so listened to , it really helped me make sense of what has been very upsetting. I have learnt so much and I will be able to use this throughout my life and feel this is a turning point to a new and happier me.  (2017)            

  • I will never forget the kindness and compassion you showed as you were with me in the darkest times. (2017)

  • In counselling, I realised it wasn't my fault. (2016)



Experienced counsellor able to help with common mental, relational emotional problems - specialist in helping relieve depression

MA Counselling 

NHS Counselling for Depression training

PGCE (Teaching)

BA Hons Degree

Extra training includes: Working remotely, Complicated Grief, Traumatic Grief, Visualisation Techniques and Rewind Technique for Phobias and Trauma.

Current work: Private practice and Counsellor for NHS clients combining face to face, telemedicine and telephone working.

Previous: 2017-19 - employed as Clinical Lead for Reading Lifeline (Mustard Tree Charity) and responsible for delivering counselling and support for those suffering with any form of baby loss (miscarriage, post-termination, stillbirth, fertility issues or neonatal death).

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  • Experienced, personable counsellor, direct, easy to talk to and collaborative.

  • I value and welcome life experience and believe that hard times can make us stronger in the long run and we all have the capacity to grow whatever our starting out point.

  • Specialising in depression and bereavment/grief and experienced in working with a wide variety of issues to improve mental and emotional health. These include: 

Loss / Anxiety / Divorce / Relationship problems / Baby loss and infertility  / Domestic violence / Abuse / Tauma / Work issues / Life changes / Illness / Emotional issues / Low confidence / Faith issues / Suicidal ideation and self harm / Emotional problems / Anger and Stress / Sadness / Loss of focus


Fees: £50.00 per session - I offer a free telephone consultation to discuss your needs if needed.



Response times are usually within a working day.
E; restorehopecounselling@gmail.com
T: 07908125806
Location: Woodley, Reading, Berkshire, UK.
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